Getting Ready for Winter in Morocco

I’m glad to have gone to Morocco during winter because temperature can shoot up during summer. However, one of the kasbah owners said that it’s only this year that they experienced a winter as cold and as long as this one.

I never thought I’d freeze my bum at the Sahara but that’s what happened. Arriving at the kasbah at five in the afternoon, the temperature was 14°. They immediately served mint tea, perfect but not enough to make me warm. Heck, I get cold at 23°!

I’ve made a list of things one should consider having before traveling to Morocco in winter.

  1. Jackets/thermal wear, hat, gloves. One would think they can hatreuse their jackets everyday but remember that the medina requires a lot of walking and you will get sweaty. Bring as many warmers as you can. Don’t worry about them for bed time though; hotels usually have heaters (but always check before booking!). Take note that there are no laundry shops in Morocco. I didn’t see one. Hotels might offer laundry service but a lot don’t have dryers and you might wait a bit for your clothes. TIP: There are cute Korean winter hats in Divisoria for only P150 and they will look great for your selfies.
  1. A good pair of walking shoes. My personal preference is my pair of combat boots. img_20170124_104105_420From the desert to the medinas, they are perfect and won’t give out on you. If able, avoid shoes made of fabric. Some areas of the medina are wet (like Asian markets). I doubt you’d want shoes you would need to wash and dry to clean.
  1. Lots of socks. It’s cold, you walk a lot, your feet will sweat a lot. Bring lots of socks.
  1. Luggage you can drag around. The streets of the medinas are long, winding, and you will get lost. One of the worst things that can happen is getting lost while carrying tons of stuff. I went home with a few gashes on my shoulders from carrying my duffel bag around.
  1. A cross-body purse to keep your wallet and gadgets in. Your guide/hotel receptionist might tell you to keep your belongings safe at all times. There will be tons of people in the medina and as one guide said, “The thieves are not aggressive but very professional, so keep your wallets safe at all times please.”
  1. Scarves. These are essential to use for warmth and also to cover up your shoulders.
  1. Pants and conservative clothing. One must respect the culture of the country one is visiting. Always dress appropriately. You can’t wear your mini-skirts, shorts, or blouses with plunging neckline. I personally prefer a dress plus leggings. T-shirts are okay, of course. But Moroccans are very fashionable and you will sort of want to look cute like them.

Hmmm, I think for my next visit, I will need a bigger luggage to take back more tagines, lanterns, nuts, and tea with me!

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