The Trip That Inspired the Blog

me plane.png

You weren’t part of the plan. Falling in love with you was not part of the plan, I thought, boarding a plane leaving Morocco. It was going to be a very long journey back home, I figured.

If I’m being honest, I really wasn’t expecting much from Morocco before I came. Sure, I was awfully excited at first but my expectations dwindled, thanks to all the bad things I read about it. Every time I went online, I read something bad about Moroccan travel. So many warnings and they made me think that I was about to dive right into a lion’s den. At that point, I was pretty much only trying to convince myself that it’s gonna be great ‘cause it’s still Africa, how exotic, how rich in culture and tradition. Besides, I thought I was gonna go on a scheduled vacation, the place was not important; I just had to go and that in itself was more than exciting.

Morocco was not the original destination I had in mind. The only reason why I ended up there was because of visa requirements I couldn’t take care of before the vacation. But oh my god, what a beautiful accident Morocco has been!


I don’t consider myself well-traveled, not having been outside Asia. But the parts of Asia I have seen were all beautiful in their own way. Of course, the Philippines will always be number one in my heart. I mean come on, the islands, the people? Before I get started on bragging about my country, let me tell you more about the trip that inspired me to start a blog yet again. Quit rolling your eyes, I intend on blogging more this time, and traveling, of course. Soon, I will post my detailed itineraries because I travel that way. I’m OC when it comes to planning before any trip. I guess that’s a good thing for this blog.

When I decided to go to Morocco, the first task was research. It was tough but I had to do it (I enjoy doing it). I wrote several tour companies, received quotations, itineraries, and tips that I used to come up with what seemed like the perfect plan for the trip. It was. Almost.

Here’s a map of the places I visited in Morocco:


In the following entries, I will be writing about each area I saw, tips, budget, and some restaurant and hotel reviews. There will be a lot of details so please be a little patient. I will try to update once a week. Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and consider making a shopping list before heading to Morocco.