Updates and New Releases

Hello there!

As you probably already know, I have started self-publishing through Whimsical Books Ph.

What is Whimsical Books Ph? Simply put, Whimsical is a service provider for writers who want to self-publish. They take care of everything for the writer, from cover to cover, from printing to handling and shipping.

I’ve been asked a rather simple question in so many ways: Are you still gonna write for PHR?

As of the moment, the answer is no. Simply because of the many changes the company has proposed, the main thing of those is not very agreeable to me. It was an amicable separation.

I still wanted to write though, and so Whimsical was created, composed of a few hardworking people, working with many creatives to deliver the best books possible!

Thank you, my dear reader, for always supporting me and all of my projects! It means so much and I can’t thank you enough!